Berlin Improvisers Orchestra



The Berlin Improvisers Orchestra (Ber.I.O.) was founded by Saxophonist Anna Kaluza in June 2010, with the help of “accoucheurs” Alison Blunt & Ricardo Tejero from the London Improvisers Orchestra. The musicians conduct pieces using  hand signals based on the conduction concept of American composer and improviser Butch Morris, these gestures are used and expanded upon by improvising orchestras worldwide.

A stellar cast of Berlin-based improvising artists, Ber.I.O. includes an international line-up (Mexico, Spain, Japan, England, USA) and has performed with guests such as the actress Eva Mattes (“Geträumte Sätze” I + II), pianist Alexander v. Schlippenbach as well as with members of the Tokyo Improvisers Orchestra and the London Improvisers Orchestra.


Current Members

Ute Wassermann – voc / fl, Niko Meinhold – p, Tommaso Vespo – p, Alison Blunt – vl, Dietrich Petzold – vl, Tristan Honsinger – vlc, Wolfgang Georgsdorf – vl, Gerhard Uebele – vl, Hui-Chun Lin – vlc, Anna Kaluza – as, Frank Gratkowski – bcl , Noel Taylor – cl / bcl, Silke Eberhard – bcl, Ricardo Tejero – cl / ts, Henrik Walsdorff – ts, Robert Würz – bs / fl, Manuel Miethe – ss, Abigail Sanders – frh, Gerhard Gschlößl – tb, Nikolaus Neuser – tp,  Ulf Mengersen – b, Stephan Bleier – b, Horst Nonnenmacher – b, Klaus Kürvers -b, Kay Lübke – dr, Willi Kellers – dr, Yorgos Dimitriadis – dr, Hannes Buder – guit, Emilio Gordoa – vib.